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    About Home Study Courses

    I offer various courses for Home Study. After payment, you will receive a PDF Manual in your email address provided and you will be directed to set up a time for your long distance initiation.
    Please, read your manual throughout before setting up the time for initiation.
    Email me all questions that you may have and when you are satisfied with the material, book a time with me including your time zone.
    To receive your initiation, make sure you can be in a quiet place uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes. I will send your attunement by proxy, because there is no time or space for Spirit. You may receive it saying:

    "I __(your name)___now accept the attunement for ___(type of Reiki)__from Livia Jepsen."

    Then just be still and feel the energy surrounding you. You may feel the top of your head tingling, its a common symptom. Some people may feel the palm of their hands burning. If you don't feel anything, it means that you already received this energy before in your past existence, but the energy will still reach you this time.

    I absolutely send initiations to everyone and I do send the certificates also.
    After receiving your attunement, please send me an email saying (shortly) that you have received it and how it was. In this email, please provide your name EXACTLY how you want it to be written in your certificate. Please provide your address also, so I may ship your certificate by mail.
    I ONLY send certificates by mail to assure the validity of my initiations. ALL certificates come with the seal from
   *Please, make sure to add to your email address book to assure that my emails don't go to your Bulk Mail folder. If you haven't received a reply from me after 3 days, please check your Bulk Mail folder or write to me again.

Usui Reiki 1

Usui Reiki 2

Attraction Reiki 1

Attraction Reiki 2

Attraction Reiki 3

Dolphin Reiki

Lavender Flame of Kwan Yin

Money Reiki 1

Money Reiki Master



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