Many people are coming to me complaining about depression these past few months and as we get closer to the portal (12.12.12) we may get a little more sensitive. So I decided to ask the angels about a solution that would help everyone with this problem.

The message from the Angels is that the best fix for depression is helping another person or group of people. They explained why....

Depression is a very selfish (ego) feeling because it has roots in feeling sorry for yourself. When we help others we automatically "crush" the ego, as kabbalists would say, and change the focus from our own self to others.

Sometimes people put in doubt what the angels say because their solutions are so simple that we judge them as ineffective and don't even try. But the people that actually tried this, got really surprised by the results.

A woman that had lost her husband to another woman and her farm in a fire, all at the same time, came out of depression without medication volunteering a few hours a week in an orphanage. This helped her, she tells, to focus on making other people's happiness and realizing that even if she wasn't that great at that moment in managing her own life, she was doing great in making others happy and the smiles of those children made her happy and feeling good with herself again.

Livia Maris Jepsen
Angel Therapist®