Yes, it's true that our free will, positivity and high vibration will keep all bad things away. But in this physical world, we may not be 100% all the time.

Maybe an unexpected event, or a flu, a broken heart or the death of a loved one, may have shaken your emotional stability and left the door a little open for the negativity to come in. Now the "evil eye" from your co-worker, the anger of your old boyfriend and bad wishes of your competitor may have a chance.

As far as I know, when we work with Angels constantly, these things very seldom can affect you, but in cases, they may bother a little or delay things around you.

I also passed through the "denial" phase, just like Doreen says she did, because we were both raised in the positive thinking and higher vibration concepts, which are very true. But we both passed through the same mistake of denying that "bad" even existed, and that's where the problem starts.

I do believe in protection, specially with Archangel Michael. I call him everyday, all the time to clear me and protect me. I also have his clearing prayer stuck on my shower wall, which asks to remove every kind of negative thought-forms that could harm me. I also carry black tourmaline, amethysts and sodalite crystals and minerals with me for protection all the time.

I know the Angels and their crystals are protecting me, I have had a lot of proof of that . But I meet a lot of people in this work and I do sense once in a while someone sending me some bad things. Usually, that doesn't bother me at all. But if you are emotionally vulnerable, even with all the protection, you may see some things happening around you. Then it's time to admit to yourself that you need a clearing. And if you are reading this right now, maybe your angels are telling you that you need one.

After this clearing, you can expect:

- a lot more energy
- new opportunities in career and money
- relationships get smoother
- conflicts are resolved
- psychic abilities get very clear
- depression is completely banished in some people
- you feel lighter, happier
- clear thoughts
- clearing of all sorts of energy that are different than the Light, including black magic, voodoo, envy, jealousy, evil eye, or whatever you want to call it, they are all the same, "negative-thought-forms".

This Angelic Ritual can clear anything bad, not to be around you anymore, even if you are vulnerable.

One of the best ways to check if you are with "foreign" negativity (sent from someone else) is to notice your thoughts. Are they unusually foggy and you can't think clearly? Try this clearing with archangel Michael and you will see the difference in the same day.


Must be done in any day at 6:00am, 1:00pm or at 8:00pm.

You will need:
- 6 clear quartz pointed crystals
- 1 black tourmaline or 1 black obsidian (it will be discarded afterwards)
- a small picture of the person that you would like to clear or the address of the place that you would like to clear.

The top crystal must be at North, as shown in the picture. You may use a compass for accuracy.

In the middle, underneath the small black tourmaline or black obsidian, you may use:

- a paper written your full birth name and address
- or your picture,
- or the picture of a person that you would like the archangel to clear
- or place that you would like the archangel to clear.

Place the tourmaline right on top of the picture or address.
Place 6 pointed crystals, already cleared and charged, pointing to the picture.

* For details on how to clear your crystals, click here or copy and paste this link to your address bar:

Now that the crystals are ready, as shown in the picture above, you may say these words (or make up your own if you feel guided to):

Dear Archangel Michael and your Legions of Light, come into action now!
Please, fully charge ____(name of person or address to be cleared)     with the purest angelic light and banish any lower vibration energies, beings and negative-thought-forms that are different than the Light and could interfere, directly or indirectly, with my (her/his/its) Divine Right of perfect happiness, prosperity, health, success and fulfilling love life.
All black and grey atoms are dissolved in the Light and the debris are sent to this tourmaline (obsidian) now.

Thank you, I accept this done, this hour in full power, according to God’s will, amen.

Touch each pointed crystal quickly, starting with the top one (North), and going clockwise, saying to each crystal: “Activate!”

The crystals are pointing to the picture because they will help to amplify the angelic healing and focus all good energy on the person in the middle. All this tremendous Light from the angels will banish all black and grey atoms to the tourmaline.

You may leave the room or stay there of you feel guided to. Some people like to help the angels sending reiki to the crystals also. It is very helpful to stay and send blessings, prayers and reiki, however, it's not required.

The Angels will work on the clearing for 1 hour. DO NOT let it pass from 1 hour, because it may cause more harm than good. These times must be exact.

After the clearing, you must bury the tourmaline (or obsidian) somewhere, it doesn’t matter where, as long as it's not at your own yard. It doesn't need to be too deep. It sounds like a difficult task but the stone is very small, it is actually very easy to bury. It won't create problems to anyone in the future if they happen to find the stone either, don't worry. This is just a symbolic act, setting the intention to the Universe that you are releasing the negativity and this will never bother you again.

The pointed crystals can be cleared again and reused for healing, reiki, readings, etc.

May Archangel Michael bless you and protect you today and always
Livia Maris Jepsen
Angel Therapy Practitioner®

2012 © Livia Maris Jepsen Copyright