This is definitely my favorite product. I have been using this soap since I was a little girl. I remember using it as a mask during puberty because it would clear up all acne and pores of my skin. The results were absolutely amazing.

Later on, I studied about the wonderful healing power that mud baths have. Mud may attract heavy metals and impurities out of our bodies and skin. That explained why I felt so good after mud baths, and my skin would be so beautiful and clear.

I still use this soap at adult age, even living in America for almost 10 years. I can't be without my Brazilian mud soap. I use it to clear my skin and detox my body.

I also put a big layer on my face and let it dry as a mask once in a while. Once it's dry, I rinse it off. I can feel my skin so tight, young and beautiful. It looks like the large pores have disappeared. 

Having mud baths at home are great for the health and fairly inexpensive in comparison with spas, but I find it too difficult to clean up afterwards. That's why I still prefer my Brazilian mud Soap.

The other reason I prefer this soap is because the mud in Brazil is very rich in minerals, specially this one that I use.

The History of this mud is so amazing that it turned out to be part of a famous soap opera! Yes! That's true! One of the most beautiful women in the Brazilian History, who lived in a small town in Brazil during the 1800's, claimed her beauty to her mud baths. Her name was Ana Jacinta, also known as Dona Beija.

Since the 1800's, thousands and thousands of women envied her beauty and the way she used to have every man in town at her feet. Many have been following her path and going to Araxá to bathe at her fountain. And this soap is made exactly with the same mud.

A painting of Ana Jacinta (Dona Beija). Considered the most beautiful woman in the History of Brazil. She claimed her beauty to this mud baths. Many Brazilian women follow her path since the 1800's.

Directions: You may use it as a regular soap, during your shower. It is natural, no chemicals, it doesn't contain fragrance. It lasts longer than a regular soap.
As a beauty mask, you may get the soap wet and spread the mud throughout your face. Avoid eyes. After it dries, you may apply a new layer or rinse it off.
When I use it, I let it dry 3 times before I rinse it off (3 layers). I only remove it after it's completely dry.
Contains: Artisan soap, contains natural mud from Araxá, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Natural oils and binder. Made in Brazil.

External use only.
Brazilian Mud Soap- $6.00 each
3-pack Brazilian Mud Soap $15.