I don't consider myself a painter and I have never taken any classes. But sometimes, I just can't control the need to paint or draw, and usually there are Angels or Fairies channeled  in my arts.

During the process, the Angels usually give me their names and some of their specialties.

The energy that comes out of these paintings is so amazing and pure. You can't help it but keep staring at them for a long time. They are truly healing.

I understand that Angel paintings are one of the ways that the Angels answer our prayers and heal us.

There is no way of making a mistake when you are working with the Angels. If you feel drawn to a certain painting, trust your intuition, because that's exactly the energy that you are needing at the moment.

I know that these paintings are not made by me. They are 100% channeled. I have no technique and, as said above, have never taken any classes on this. The images just keep coming through me, just like in automatic writing. The energy feels amazing, I feel such joy which I can't explain.

I enjoy working on multimedia projects. Many of my paintings have real healing crystals on them, which amplifies the healing energy sent out by our Angels.  I also enjoy the accents made with glow in the dark paint.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Every painting is one of a kind and special ordered. To special order a healing painting from me, email me at livia@mycrystalangel.com

Lots of Love and Angel Blessings