My Crystal Angel

There are many studies and different ways to clear the Ego. The Angels and Ascended Masters teach us many ways and we choose what way works best for us. 

Archangel Michael is with us and he is ready to help when we fail sometimes and can’t clear our Ego by ourselves. But they like to remind us that we have the power to do this ourselves and clearing the Ego is part of our Spiritual Growth.

Here are a few ways that your Angels told me to describe to you:


Some studies of the kabbalah are about clearing the Ego. They do this by starving the Ego, overcoming situations where we are really scared of or shy about.

For example, if you are really shy and sing really badly, they tell you to go to a karaoke. The Ego will tell you not to go, because it has a self protection mode and fear of embarrassment. When you break-free from this, and sing anyway, you “starve” the Ego.

For kabbalists, shyness is an egocentric feeling, because it’s focused on the self- protection and not on the Love and Service of the other.


The Violet Flame is the 7th Ray of the Heart of God. It’s a gift to humanity because it transmutes everything different than LOVE into LOVE. Transforms Ego-thought-forms into LOVE and JOY.

Even diseases come from a lack of Love for the self or others in some point, in other words, Unforgiveness.

The Violet Flame transmutes diseases, relationship problems and financial problems into happiness, health, love and abundance.

Decrees use the power of the sound. They are spoken prayers repeated several times. Science already proved that sound can create and change matter. Some say that the physical world was created with sound.

Violet Flame decrees, after a few days, create changes inside our minds and heart, and you will feel that you are more positive and less worried. More loving. Consequently, everyone around you transforms for the better also.

I have included a few prayers and decrees below. You can try to do them out loud, 3 times each. When you cannot do them out loud, do them mentally, and visualize the violet flame in your head when you can.

You don’t need to do all of them, choose the ones that you feel comfortable with. Doing them everyday creates miracles in our lives.

You will get everything that you want out of yourself and your life if you meditate a few minutes per day and do decrees. For lack of time, I do the decrees while I drive or in the shower and it still works really well.

I have included a few book suggestions if you decide to study some more:

- Violet Flame to Heal Body Mind and Soul
byElizabeth Clare Prophet

- Nurturing Your baby’s Soul
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

- How to Clear the Negative Ego
by Joshua David Stone

Violet flame decrees are my favorite way to clear the Ego because the changes are smooth. One day you realize that you don’t feel upset anymore, you don’t feel scared, your faith increases, you feel more understanding and forgiving of others. Situations of the past don’t bother you anymore. You get pushed to your life purpose in a joyful way and the Angels support you in EVERY way. The violet flame clears our chakras, making us completely open and connected to listen to our Angels more easily.

You will feel the Presence of the Angels a lot stronger if you call them to help you with the decrees.

After a session of decrees, call Michael to seal your chakras, because they will be very open and pure, highly sensitive to other people’s emotions.


“When you get nervous, focus on service”

This affirmation was taught by Doreen at the Angel Therapy Practitioner® course. It works magically to change the Ego-thoughts into Loving-thoughts.

We only allow the Ego to be when we are focusing in ourselves somehow. When we change the focus to “How can I help this person?” the change is instant.


“Archangel Michael, please quiet my Ego so I can listen to the Angels more easily.” “Angels, please speak loud and clear so I may only hear your voice and not my Ego”.


Your Angels tell you to stop repeating negative words against yourself, for they work as negative affirmations. Repeat to yourself: “I can listen to my Angels clearly and easily” everytime your Ego tries to tell you otherwise.


The Angels are in the 5th Dimension. Deceased loved ones, fairies and our Spirit Guides are at the 4th Dimension. The Ego is at the 3rd and 4th Dimension.

To listen to the Angels we must raise our vibration to the 5th Dimension, where there is no ego. With prayer, meditation, visualizations, crystal healing or anything that you feel comfortable with that can raise your vibration and the amount of chi that you store in your body.

The more chi that we store in our body, the higher our vibration is. The higher our vibration is, less ego.

With processed food and other chemicals our vibration can decrease and we will need more prayers, decrees or meditations to listen to the Angels more clearly.

Substances such as coffee, alcohol, drugs, nicotine lessen the chi in the body and open the chakras for negativity, therefore, more ego thoughts.

Livia Maris Jepsen
Angel Therapy Practitioner®

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