Having pictures or paintings of Angels, Masters and Spirit Guides at home or office is known to bring their healing energy to the place, just like a prayer. Now, imagine how nice it would be to have a personalized painting or drawing of your own personal Angel or Master? 

Germano is an internationally renowned psychic artist and his work is revolutionary. Personalized paintings, guided by the Angels and Masters, send amazing healing energy able to remove energy blocks and heal people from various emotional, psychological or physical conditions. His art may help you to remove fobias, financial blockages, bring you to your purpose, resolve relationships, etc. All you have to do is to tell Germano what issue you would like to resolve at this moment and your Angels and Masters will do the rest through him. There is no way of knowing what the Angels will tell him, but they know exactly the energy that you need at the moment and it will come through your painting.

I endorse Germano's work because he was referred to me by my own angels to heal an old emotional problem, originated in a past life. Once I first looked at my painting, I could feel an enormous peaceful energy taking over me and my past life blockages slowly dissolving. Years later, I still have this painting in my Angels' Office, where I do my Angel Therapy® readings.

To me, Germano is an Earth Angel and he truly brings forth the energy of the Angels to his paintings. There is impossible not to feel the Angels' Love through his work. I have no words to thank Germano enough for everything he has done for me and the Angels for bringing him into my life and my clients'. I am very proud of having his partnership at My Crystal Angel.

Livia Maris Jepsen - Angel Therapist ®

                                                                                                    Portrait of Natalie, Livia Jepsen's past life, by Germano Rehder 2009

Channeling the Great Masters of Art

Considered one of the most credible living paranormals in Brazil, Germano has been developing a unique work through the mediumnic painting. 
Getting in contact with Master Painters such as Portinari, Monet, Miró, Toulouse-Lautrec among others, within seconds or minutes, Germano Rehder 
materializes drawings and paintings with traces and features of each painter. 

Germano is a mediumnic painter that depicts healing images of Angels, Spirit Guides and past lives' portraits in wax oil crayon on paper or in acrylic on canvas. Through this work,  the spiritual, mental and emotional blockages are eliminated by the awareness and the healing energy captured in perfect harmony with the Light plan. 


Beyond showing the presence of Guides, Mentors, Tutelar Angels, Twin Souls and Spiritual Companion (in accordance with spiritual guides instructions) through the drawings and paintings, Germano Rehder offers an innovative therapy and outstanding results where you have the chance to know your past life and have your portrait drawn according to the physiognomy you've experimented in an earlier time. By working out the energy blockages with messages and orientation, with alignment and harmonization of the chakras and obsessive thoughts/energies, the painting is the materialization of healing through time (past, present or future). The painters' Spirits are the ones to choose how to present themselves in order to heal your current living. 

The Masters Painters bring forth images that sustain higher frequencies, bringing to your home and office high vibration energies, filling your place with protection, creativity, joy, health, love, prosperity and illumination. 


Germano Rehder lives in Brazil, however he ships his art throughout the world. Please, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

To order a Healing Psychic Painting you may use Paypal below or do a bank transfer to Bank of America, arranged by email at
After payment is received, you will receive an email from with a form to be filled out for Germano. Please, save this email address in your contacts list, to avoid your order to go to the spam folder. 

Price: $190.00 + shipping

*To see more of Germano Rehder's work, access:
My past life's portrait

Psychic Paintings by The Greatest Masters of the Arts (Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Portinari and others) channeled by Germano Rehder within minutes, during a trance estate that started happening more than 20 years ago spontaneously, after a traumatic experience. Germano's hands move on their own and, in few minutes, manifest beautiful portraits signed by very well known painters from the other dimension.

Radiesthesia has measured the aura of these paintings which were proven to have a huge magnetic field. This might explain why thousands of healing miracles have been reported by the happy owners of these portraits.

Germano may use acrylic on canvas or pastel, it's your choice. You may also choose if you want a portrait of your Angel or Spirit Guide or an abstract to raise the vibration of your home or office to bring prosperity, love or health.

He also does past lives portraits with reading but this service is no longer offered long distance. But the portrait of your Angel, Spirit Guide or Abstract for raising vibration may be done long distance and shipped all over the world. See details below.