(for people and animals)​

​​I am a Usui Reiki® Master-Teacher. I was first initiated in this modality of energy healing 18 years ago in Brazil.

With time, I was initiated in some other modalities such as Isis Seichim® Reiki, Dolphin Trilogy® Reiki and ​​Violet Flame among others.

​​In 2006 I received a spontaneous initiation during one of my sessions, which I called Blue Whale Reiki®, which is specific to heal unresolved emotions about our mothers, which can cause some serious problems in our health and relationships in general. I have tested this modality with some clients and they have been reporting awesome results of physical healing and better relationships with their mothers and with everyone in their lives. 

During my sessions, I call for the Presence of the Archangels​​ to perform the healing with me, sometimes called Spiritual Surgery. They direct the Spiritual Surgery very specifically and many people report feeling or seeing the Archangel's Presence, even through long distance treatments.

​​The session may be done long distance or in person at my Angel Office in Sparks, Nevada. However, long distance treatments require commitment from the part of the patient also. 

To book long distance healing with the Archangels you ​​must click on one of the PayPal buttons below to choose the package that most interests you. Within 1-3 business days I will reply to your email and we will book a time to enter in meditation together.  

You must leave a large bottle of water by your bed during the treatment. You must drink from this water during the next few days, it will be energized by the Archangels specifically for your healing. The water bottle must be already open once the session starts. 

Each session of energy healing lasts from 30-50 minutes​, either in person or long distance. The prices are:



​​LONG DISTANCE (purchase buttons below):

ONE SESSION: ​​​​US$30.00 

​​​The prices are the same for animals and people. Someone must be present during the entire session to hold the animal during the In Person Animal Healing. 

If you prefer long distance, ​​I may send you a text right before I start and one right after I finish the session, if you direct me to do so. Or we may chat on Skype for a few minutes. 

All diseases start at the energy level first, manifesting physically afterwards. The same thing happens in energy healing. The healing starts at the energy level first, manifesting physically later. For this reason, I advise at least 4 treatments to start seeing results, because the energy will act in clearing your chakras and some blockages first, preparing your cells to receive the blessings. 

Angel Blessings of Light, Love and Perfect Health
Livia Maris Jepsen
Angel Therapy Practitoner®, Usui Reiki® Master Teacher​​​



​About Animal Healing

If your animal has any health condition and you would like to try some alternative healing method, I apply Reiki and Isis Seichim Reiki on animals with great success.

This section of my website was requested by some of the happy owners :)

The sessions may be performed in person or long distance. See prices below. 

If interested, email me at livia@mycrystalangel.com

Angel Blessings!
Livia Maris Jepsen​

One Angel Healing - US$ 30.00

4 Sessions Package - US$100.00

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Pacote com 4 sessões de cirurgia espiritual, reiki e curas angelicais. O tipo de energia utilizado e tipo tratamento varia porque é direcionado pelos anjos da pessoa no momento do tratamento.

4-sessões cura angelical R$160